Frank & Olive was created to offer the consumer a luxury gifting option. Both the handcrafted packaging and confectionery is of the highest standards.

As a self confessed foodie, entertainer and lover of all things beautiful, my post-raising-kids business was always going to involve food & eating in some way! For me there’s no competition: food markets, cookery books, foodie blogs & Insta feeds win every time over the many other visual feasts we can spend our time exploring!

But I wanted to offer South African confectionary consumers a bespoke product, something different! 


Creating Frank & Olive has been as much a personal and creative journey as it's been about starting a business.

Originally, the idea was to import an award winning organic chocolate range from Europe, a distributorship my husband and I were in the final stages of negotiating, but then Corona hit! International ports closed, the Rand weakened and my kids stopped going to school!

After a week of baking banana bread (along with the rest of SA) and sorting drawers, I found myself in the unique position of having uninterrupted time…. something I haven't had for almost 2 decades!!

Suddenly I found myself like Alice in Wonderland, tumbling into amazing creative rabbit holes… Frank & Olive is the culmination of those hours & hours of research, tasting local confectioneries and working with great friend and exceptional graphic designer, Ryan Botha to bring you what we believe is the most beautifully packaged, mouth watering local treats available in South Africa.