Madame Luna is a hand-poured candle company with a mission to produce highly fragranced, top quality, handcrafted candles and the accompanying accessories that make them perfect for creating a personal ambience for each person to fill their home or work space with an amazing balance of smells. 

Madame Luna is a group of creatives that take a smell and make a story out of it. The experience is about immersing customers in a fully sensory experience. Madame Luna is about capturing memories in the form of wax and transporting their customers back to those places through scent. 

Founded in 2009 by ceramicist Lynne Lange, the company’s dedication to quality and creativity has helped it grow into the recognized brand it is today. Lynne’s love of the ocean and nature is reflected in the sculptural Luna Porcelain collection which replicates some of the exquisite flora and fauna shapes found on the continent and in the oceans.  

At Madame Luna, the team prides itself on mixing design, industry insights and modern perfumery knowledge, resulting in the combination of high-quality ingredients and original recipes. The family-owned business draws inspiration from it’s South African roots and works hand-in-hand with local designers who embellish the products with unique artworks. 

From the Madame Luna team to you, “We hope you enjoy these products as much as we enjoyed creating them.”